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About Us

We are a family-owned business who thrives on creativity and we put our heart and soul into everything we do.  We have two very important goals. 1) To make home decorating a creative, fun, and easy experience for our customers by offering innovative designs and creative versatility while providing the best customer service possible, and 2) to give back to the community and inspire others.

What We Do

WallLillies believes, as the great Leonardo da Vinci once said, "simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" and we bring that approach to our designs to create simple yet unique and creative artwork. This gives us the ability to offer maximum versatility in home decorating, you can fuse a wide variety of subjects and interests into a unified cohesive theme. You can now fuse different concepts and themes together to customize your home decor to your liking.  Do you have eclectic tastes and find it hard to decorate your home with wall art that speaks to your many interests?  Have you ever had trouble finding wall art that matches your other décor in style or color?  Well, WallLillies is your solution to both!      

How the Idea for WallLillies was Born

The inspiration behind WallLillies is two very special little people, an amazing special needs little girl named Lillie and her super hero big brother Jacob.  Jacob is a true go-getter with many different interests - music, art, sports - and he likes to let each one of those characteristics shine through.  When he wanted to show all of these different sides of his personality in his new room, we were very disappointed to find that there was nothing out there that we could put together to make a nice cohesive mix-themed room and bring out all of the different sides of his personality.  So, we decided to do something about it!  Lillie is a five year old little girl who is non-verbal and was recently diagnosed with autism.  She is truly amazing with the most infectious smile and happy personality, despite the every day challenges she faces.  She has touched everyone she meets with her courage and determination and opened up eyes to the huge and varying community of people with special needs.  She has inspired us to look at diversity as something that can bring us together.  There is diversity in all of us, and that is one thing that can unite us!  

A passion for artistic expression and a desire to help special needs children is what led to the founding of WallLillies and evolved it into what it is today.  We have found a way to make home decorating easy and fun, a way to help our customers let their personalities shine, and at the same time provide an avenue to support the special needs community and charitable organizations that help fund the programs that are so vital to this community. As part of WallLillie’s dedication to helping special needs children and their families, WallLillies donates a portion of our sales to the Easter Seals Foundation and Autism Speaks. These organizations help raise awareness, aid in important research, fund crucial early intervention therapy programs for children with developmental delays, and provide much needed support to the families of special needs children.  



Contact Information:
P.O. Box 1434
Dacula, Ga.  30019
(470) 375-3502
room images by arianafalerni.com
Video Music: Happiness - Bensound.com




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