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Art Customizer

WallLillies Mix and Match

Custom Art Concept 

Making home decorating

more versatile, easy, and

fun! We offer up to 20 stock

selections in each design

that can be mixed and matched

or, and this is really what makes

us unique, you can build your

own custom wall art in our

WallLillies Art Customizer and

mix and match over 50 colors,

10 patterns, 9 custom backgrounds,

and 200+ designs. Mix and Match

all elements of the collection -

themes, designs, subjects,

backgrounds, colors, and patterns -

for maximum home decorating

versatility.  With WallLillies Art

Customizer, you can fuse a wide

variety of subjects and interests

into a unified cohesive theme.

Choose one of our many

stock selections, or get started

now building your very own

WallLillies custom artwork by

clicking here for  "a blank canvas"!

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